Meet the Kids

Meet the Kids

Love Haitis Children Orphanage cares for 12 children in Port Au Prince that are in desperate need.  Their needs are many, but we are determined to make a difference in their lives!  Bishop McIver travels to Haiti once a month to spend time with the children and to take care of the business of the orphanage. LHC has a dedicated staff in Haiti that cares for the children and the orphanage in his absence.The staff of Love Haitis Children Orphanage provides lots of love, counseling, spiritual guidance, housing, food, clothing, health care and education (including English) to the children. The children will be taught job skills to prepare them for life in Haitian society after being an orphan.

Niclora Victor, Age 16

Christine Mervilus, Age 13

Esther Michel, Age 13

Gladimy Exius, Age 12

Alexander Michel, Age 17

Leonard Exius, Age 10

Christmine Victor, Age 15

Ketia Jean, Age 15

Berthony Decoste, Age 16

Kelly Eustache, Age 10

Bertholin Decoste, Age 16