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Love Haiti's Children Update:

Hello to all of the faithful friends and supporters of Love Haiti's Children!

August 2023 marks 12 years of LHC thriving in Haiti and impacting many lives! We are grateful to God for the privilege of being chosen to minister to the children and people in Haiti. Since April 2010, after the earthquake that killed approximately 300,000 people, I have traveled to Haiti over 100 times. It has been an experience, and an encounter I will never forget. I was privileged to go to Haiti! I was Changed!

We are grateful to you, our friends and supporters who have helped us accomplish our assignment in Haiti. We could not have impacted the many lives that we have without you. Thanks for the love! Thank you for your support through the years! Together, we have made a difference!

This year most of the children at LHC "aged out" and no longer qualify to be orphans. The Social Service (IBESR) in Haiti requires that once a child turn 18 years old, they can no longer be in an orphanage. All of our children (except two) turned 18 years old. It was a very difficult decision to make, but after much prayer, we release all of the children back to their parents. With much sorrow of heart we contacted the parents and all of the parents came this month (August 2023) for their children.

We had the privilege of loving and caring for those children for twelve long years. We have loved them, we still love them, and we will always will love them. They were, and are, our family. Our director, his wife, his two children and our grounds person are still on the compound as caretakers until the property is sold. I wanted to be sure that each of you know that Love Haiti's Children Orphanage is no longer in operation in Haiti.

If any of you are led to continue your support of our workers until the property is sold, it will be greatly appreciated. Our website and Face Book page will remain intact until the sale of the property. Once the property is sold and our workers are no longer at the property, we will let you know. Also, those who are on our mailing list will be receiving this same information.

Together, we have made a difference in Haiti!

Much love!
Bishop Jim McIver


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