We are changing lives and bring hope to orphans by providing 
life sustaining essentials to the poorest of the poor.

We're Building Dreams
And Changing Futures

Extreme poverty, lack of proper sanitation leading to many disease outbreaks, food and political riots, and continual natural disasters have left this beautiful country hopeless in many ways. Of all the things we provide for the children of LHC, a safe and loving home is the most important. A good start in the proper environment with love, encouragement and an education will give our kids the best chance possible of a successful life in their home country. LHC was originally located in the heart of Port Au Prince. Being in this location was a daily challenge ...unstable electric service, high crime in the city, and government corruption that affected us financially are just a few of the unfortunate circumstance we experienced. In March of 2015 we purchased 1 acre of land Archaie, Haiti, and immediately began to build. Fast forward to March of 2020 WE ARE FINALLY OPEN....This compound will initially take care of 16 children! That means 16 young lives and futures will be impacted by your partnership with Love Haiti's Children!


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You have the opportunity to impact the lives of individuals and families devastated by poverty. It’s through your generosity that we create such powerful change.

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Have you ever thought about taking a mission trip to help others in person? Join us in Haiti! Come see the work we are doing and enrich yourself in history and beautiful culture. It's a life changing journey and we're thrilled to help you take your first step

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