On July 15, 2011 we found and leased a property in La Plaine (PAP) Haiti. The property needed renovation, so we hired a plumber, an electrician, painters, concrete workers and a security person. We spent thousands of dollars to renovate and beautify the property. On August 21st the renovations were completed. The vision came to fruition in September of 2011 as we brought the first children into LHC.  

Love Haitis Children Orphanage cares for 12 children in Archaie that are in desperate need.  Their needs are many, but we are determined to make a difference in their lives!  Bishop McIver travels to Haiti once a month to spend time with the children and to take care of the business of the orphanage. LHC has a dedicated staff in Haiti that cares for the children and the orphanage in his absence.

Love Haitis Children Orphanage provides lots of love, counseling, spiritual guidance, housing, food, clothing, health care and education (including English) to the children. The children will be taught job skills to prepare them for life in Haitian society after being an orphan.



I love overseas missions work!  I love feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, renovating buildings and giving hope to those who have seen nothing but hopelessness.  I love eating and laughing with the people and watching their simple way of life.  I get great joy out of buying 100 pound bags of beans and rice and distributing it to those who have nothing.  The attitude of thankfulness for just beans and rice is a sight to behold.  There is great joy in helping those who appreciate anything you do for them.  

I love all of the people, but children and I seem to always end up in the same place.  The children are innocent and helpless.  I know they are not, but children who are born in poor countries seem to be made of something different.  They are poor, yet they laugh, play, sing, pray and just go on with life. Rarely have I heard children from a poor country complaining.  They have never seen anything but poverty, so many of them don’t know there is anything else.  They know they won’t have food every day, they know they won’t have new clothes or new shoes often.  What they have or don’t have has become a way of life.  They accept it because they know nothing else.  I love children!  

I have been doing missions work since 1978.  On the mission field I have rejoiced with those who were rejoicing and I have wept with those who were weeping and lost in hopelessness.  I have wept on the plane returning home, I have wept while looking at their photos after my return to the US.  God has placed a love in my heart for the poor and a desire to do all I can to relieve as many of them of their suffering as possible.  I pray and I recruit as many people as possible to see what I see and feel what I feel for the poor and to work alongside me with their financial support.  

For years I had heard stories about Haiti, the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.  I couldn’t take the suspense any longer.  In 2006, three others and I flew to Haiti.  Although I have been doing overseas mission work for quite some time and have seen dire poverty, I was not prepared for what I witnessed in Haiti.  I researched Haiti and was told what to expect, but that didn’t matter, I was not prepared.  It was hard for my mind to conceive that a country or a people could be that poor.  In Haiti there is poverty beyond words.  A spirit of desperation and survival filled the air.  Every place you looked there were huge piles of rotted garbage in the streets of Port Au Prince with naked children, pigs and goats together searching through it for food.  People were lying on the ground sleeping as animals roamed around them.  

I knew right away that this would only be the first of many trips to Haiti; I had to do my part.  My parts consists of caring for abandoned children in a caring orphanage and training them for life after being an orphan.

Some people have been called to go and some have been called to send.  One thing is for sure, we have all been called to do our part in helping the orphans, the poor and the widows.  If you have been called to go, I invite you to come with us to Haiti.  If you have not been called to go, then I invite you help send us to the mission fields of Haiti to care for the orphans, the widows and poor in the nation of Haiti.